About BTC operation

Fund management,
API connection method that eliminates risk

About BTC operation bitcoin exchange usd

BTC Fund management

When managing assets within Binance, OKEx,which is a major cryptocurrency exchange, the ABC Quants team can apply for a three-party management account that manages accounts on the investor, management side, and exchange. I can do it.
Our tripartite management account cannot move the assets of the account without the consent of all three parties even if the account information is leaked to the outside, and the assets of the investor are protected. It is a mechanism.

About BTC operation bitcoin exchange usd

API connection method that eliminates risk

We use the API connection method. This is because we do not deposit the investor’s assets directly, but use the API, which is a function that can be traded from the outside from the exchange account, to manage the assets. In the API connection method, all authority except trading exists to the investor who is the account manager.
Investors can always log in to their account to check asset status and transaction records.



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