First in the UK: Bitcoin-listed investment products go public

ETC Group, a major European digital asset management company, plans to launch Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETP) in the United Kingdom. Britain’s first Bitcoin ETP transaction is born. The ETC Group has listed BTCetc and Ethereum ETP on Euronext, a major stock exchange in Paris and Amsterdam, and will further expand its listings. The new listing will be on the MTF (multilateral exchange) of the Aquis Exchange, a stock exchange in London, which is scheduled to begin trading on the 7th. The Aquis Exchange is a British stock exchange that allows investors to trade stocks in 14 European countries. “BTC etc” to be listed this time is a listed investment product that is 100% backed by physical Bitcoin. Trading is done in four fiat currencies: GBP (Pound Sterling), CHF (Swiss Franc), Euro (Euro) and USD (US Dollar). SIX x-clear, a subsidiary of SIX, a major Swiss stock exchange, is in charge of clearing transactions.


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