Blockchain can be a “extreme threat”

Clearing services and some of the financial intermediaries, which are the core businesses of asset management giant Fidelity, are about to use blockchain technology to improve efficiency. Mike Durbin, who heads Fidelity Institutional, the company’s institutional business division, explained the background on the 25th.
Mr. Durbin, who took the stage at “Consensus 2021” hosted by CoinDesk, said, “In a sense, it is a huge threat to our work.” “How will this technology change our business in the next few years?” There is intellectual curiosity about such things. Cryptocurrency assets are just a prominent example. ” Durbin also said that customer interest is a major factor in Fidelity’s commitment to the crypto asset space. “We value customer demand. Many of our customers are first-generation high net worth individuals who want to invest in crypto assets in an easy way.”


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