Bitcoin ETF application case in the US SEC Clayton, former chairman, serves as an advisor

One River Digital Asset Management, a virtual currency hedge fund, has filed a prospectus with the SEC for its Bitcoin ETF application. Former SEC Chairman Clayton is serving in an advisory role. The BTC exchange-traded fund will be named “One River Carbon Neutral Bitcoin Trust” and will be carbon neutral, aiming to provide a new investment vehicle that takes into account the environmental impact of bitcoin mining. Specifically, One River Digital has partnered with Moss Earth, a carbon credit company in Uruguay, South America, to purchase MCO2 tokens in order to achieve carbon neutrality. One River Digital will purchase Moss Earth’s MCO2 tokens in order to achieve carbon neutrality. “Carbon credits” are a tradable form of carbon credits that quantify the amount of greenhouse gas reduction and absorption achieved through the introduction of renewable energy and forest management, such as tree planting, according to a set method. One River Digital provides a mechanism to exchange certified carbon credits with Moss Earth MCO2 tokens. The energy consumption issue surrounding Bitcoin, which is mined from non-renewable energy sources such as coal, has become one of the most important issues that the industry needs to address, and investment companies have begun to take action.


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