Bitcoin’s position is unwavering: Drakken Miller

Well-known investor Stanley Druckenmiller gave his views on the future of the US dollar and crypto assets (cryptocurrency), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) in an exclusive interview with CNBC on the 11th.
He is currently the CEO of Duquesne Family Office, an asset management company, and in 2020 he revealed that he owns Bitcoin, which attracted a lot of attention.
He also expressed concern about the US dollar’s position as a global reserve currency, noting that “the benefits of a reserve currency will disappear within the next 15 years.” The financial situation in Europe is confused, and the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party is unreliable, so it is possible that a new “cryptocurrency-based ledger system” will emerge as an alternative to the US dollar in the future. I expected it to be. Regarding BTC, he analyzed, “It will be difficult to shake the position of Bitcoin as a means of storing value.” The fact that it has existed for about “14 years” and the limited supply amount were cited as factors.


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