Cryptocurrency Ether surpasses $ 4,000, Bitcoin hits high for the first time in 3 weeks

Cryptocurrency Ether has surpassed $ 4,000 in trading on the 10th and hit a new high for the third consecutive business day. The background is the observation that new means of use may be found.

Most recently, it has risen about 6% on the Binance exchange. It traded at $ 4,119 in the mid-Asian market, more than quintupling this year.
Bitcoin rose about 2% to a three-week high. The most recent transaction was $ 59,603. The price has more than doubled this year.
Dogecoin, whose trademark is Shiba Inu, has been around $ 0.54. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, an avid supporter of crypto assets, said Dogecoin was a “scam” on a popular US variety show, dropping it to $ 0.416 on the 9th. ..
A tweet that the private space company SpaceX, led by Mr. Musk, will accept Dogecoin as a payment method seems to have helped.


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