Inflow of funds into crypto assets, $ 4.9 billion as of mid-April = survey

[New York, 20th, Reuters] –Data from digital asset management company CoinShares revealed that the inflow of crypto assets (virtual currency) into funds and commodities reached $ 4.9 billion from the beginning of the year to April 16th. .. However, the pace of inflow is said to have slowed slightly in the first half of April.

The inflow for the first two weeks of April was about $ 400 million. It increased by about 9% from the record high of $ 4.5 billion in the first quarter to $ 4.9 billion.

The pace of inflows had already slowed in the first quarter, but according to CoinShares, inflows in the second week of April were $ 233 million, the largest since early March.

Bitcoin continued to have the largest inflow last week at $ 108 million. This was followed by Ethereum for $ 65 million. However, funds also flowed into other crypto assets such as Bitcoin Cash, Polkadot, Binance, and Tezos.

In addition, the balance of assets under management (AUM) of crypto assets has increased sharply to 64.2 billion dollars, the largest ever. It was $ 59 billion in the first quarter and $ 37.6 billion last year.


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