Asset Management of BTC

Industry-leading asset management
specializing in Bitcoin CTA trading

We introduce Bitcoin asset management to institutional investors,
family offices and high net worth individuals.

Entering 2021, many institutional investors and listed companies have begun to participate in the crypto asset market.

The market capitalization of Bitcoin, a representative currency of crypto assets, exceeded $ 1 trillion in February 2021, and has grown to exceed the market capitalization of Facebook.

Traditional financial institutions and listed companies are beginning to take an interest in the crypto asset market, but the Bitcoin market is still a highly volatile market.

Strict risk control and hedging factors are indispensable for increasing the value of assets for markets with high volatility. We will participate in the high potential Bitcoin market and provide asset management services that strictly manage asset risk and increase asset value.

We can exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies into legal tender.

We can exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies into legal tender.

We will exchange your Bitcoins into legal tender (USD) after the operation.
We exchange the bitcoins into legal tender (USD) and return them to your bank account in USD.

We exchange the bitcoins on the Swiss exchange.
We then transfer the money to our bank in Singapore DBS.
We will then transfer the money to your bank account in USD.

The exchange fee varies depending on the amount, but you can expect to pay between 2-5%.

We can also exchange Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and NEME (XEM).

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